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The Archipelago of Socotra is one of those “lost world” islands (Socotra island separated from the mainland six million years ago) where intrepid travellers – particularly those seeking exotic nature and wildlife in a remote tropical setting- can go days on end without rubbing shoulders with that less-than- endangered species: the tourist.

Known for decades as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean and the Pearl of the Arabian Sea, Socotra is like nowhere else in the world: a paradise of biodiversity, endemic flora and fauna and unparalleled beauty.

Socotra Travel Center is a leading tour operation company based in Socotra, Yemen, run by professionals. We provide superior top notch touring services while ensuring excellent service standard.

Discover the virgin beauty and magic of Socotra Islands with Socotra Travel Center (STC) award-winning tourism tour-operator company.

We believe that holidays should help travelers reinvent their true selves, hence, our packages and travel solutions are exciting, meaningful and fulfilling. Keeping all these in mind, our customized trips help travelers refresh and rekindle their positive spirits.

We have a wide range of packages that suit the diverse interests of vacationers. Our tours take you to the most exciting places on Socotra where you can unwind your mind and fill with peace and joy.

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Socotratravels.com is a complete eco-tourism destination guide to visit Socotra Island, with recommended tour packages that include detailed itineraries – tailor-made options to meet your convenience and requirements.

Our online booking system offers secure payment platform, whilst you can also enjoy flexible payment options.

You can find a comprehensive guide for Socotra Archipelago including flight options, Socotra Travel Tips for visitors, Socotra information, its history, Socotra fauna and flora, people and culture, Socotra Weather patterns.

We offer a variety of diversified trips and solutions, from boat excursions to 4X4 tours, trekking or camel riding through mind blowing, beautiful sceneries, an ancient culture and traditional villages.

Explore Socotra Islands with one of our amazing tours and excursions. Experience our treks, fishing offering, diving programs, island hopping. Whether you stay in a hotel or overnight in a tent, decide you want to recharge or explore nearby islands – choose how you want to experience the Islands! Don’t forget, Socotra Travel Center is here to help you customize your perfect trip.

Why Socotra Travel Center?

Socotra is our home.
We are firmly committed to making sure our tours have a net-positive impact on the environment and communities we visit.
We want to see people travel to and enjoy Socotra for generations to come!!!

With more than 20 years of experience, we are the Socotra experts. We have even pioneered innovative technology over the years to give our travelers a great experience. We do not promote commercial sales aimed at tourists, rather we ensure that our rates are reasonable, and some of the amount you spend will directly and positively affect people at village level.

We strive to ensure every effort is made to promote sustainability of the global environment, local community, culture and all people involved.

We’re committed to ensuring our trips remain safe for everyone – for our travelers, our tour leaders (Guides) and crew, and the people we visit along the way.

Socotra Archipelago is a dream destination for most, and for us too; we are passionate about these wondrous islands and their natural beauty and wildlife and we hope to share these wonders with you.
Our team is always available to provide personalized advice and guidance while we help you plan your perfect trip.

With our carefully selected tours, we guarantee you will have an unforgettable experience.

Award winning company

Award winning company

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Discover everything you need to know about Socotra trips: When to go to the Socotra, what to pack, other travel tips, and everything else you need with our pre-trip checklist. What is the weather like? Can I stay in a Socotra hotel instead of camping? For answers to these questions and more, see our Socotra FAQ.

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SOCOTRA CLASSIC The Discovery Tour1 ‫‬ ‫‬
Group discount Available $1,690
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47% Off
Next Departure
  • August 20, 202432 Available
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SOCOTRA CLASSIC Camping Based Tour1
Group discount Available $1,560

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