At Socotra Travel Center our main purpose is to share the magnificence of the Socotra Islands with the world. Traveling with us means having a relaxed and hassle-free experience, knowing that you will have a 24/7 backup service from our travel experts, always eager to help and assist you throughout the duration of the services acquired with us. We can create the perfect vacation for you in Yemen and the Socotra Islands.

For over 20 years we’ve been taking travelers around the Socotra Islands. That’s over 20 years of adventures, of countless unforgettable moments.

The website does not only offer the majority of the tours operating on the Island of Socotra but also the best add-on tours in mainland Yemen, to help you have the vacation of your lifetime, at the best prices, best services, and superb last-minute promotions.

Who we are

We are a reliable, pioneering, and well-organized adventure tour company that came together to form Socotra Travel Center in 2004. Before then, we dedicated many years as senior guides leading groups throughout the Archipelago.

We are well known and trusted today for our excellent organization of adventure tours and, when booking with us, you book directly with a service provider.

Having our vehicles and equipment is an asset that enables us to control every aspect of our adventures.

We are also innovative, offering several services in the widest range of destinations on the island of Socotra and South Yemen, with a particular eye on special interest tours for independent-minded travelers, small groups, and high-interest tours focusing on nature, wildlife, birding, and cultural trips.

STC caters also too big groups, acting as agents for major travel companies and independent operators.

Our Values

Travel offers us all some amazing experiences, but what about the communities and people that we visit on the road? From the very beginning, responsible travel has been at the core of what we do. As a responsible business, we’ve always been committed to being there for our travelers and the communities we visit. So, you can trust that when you travel with us, we won’t just be there for your first adventure, we’ll be there every step of your journey.

Socotra is our home. We care about the environment and the people, the local communities, both presently and in the future. We are committed to minimizing the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and the Socotrians. We firmly believe that managed properly, tourism and our tour operator business can have an overall positive impact on where we live and the communities we visit.

We want to ensure that people can travel and enjoy our home island for many generations to come.

We’re aware that our current practice is not enough alone to make changes the Earth is urging, but we know that together we can have a positive impact.

While we continue to strive to be a more responsible player in Socotra’s adventure travel community, we’d also like to ask you (our guests) to think about how you can help us to jointly lower our impact, whilst on your holiday in Socotra.

Our mission:

Our level of repeat business bears testament. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers’ needs and look forward to getting to know many more.

We do not promote commercial sales aimed at tourists, rather we ensure that our rates are reasonable, and some of the money you spend will directly and positively affect people at the village level. We will strive to ensure every effort is made to promote the sustainability of the global environment, local community, culture, and all people involved. Furthermore, based on the following five viewpoints:
1. Inclusive and sustainable economic growth;
2. Social inclusiveness, employment expansion, poverty reduction, and human rights protection;
3. Resource efficiency, environmental protection, and combatting the efforts of climate change;
4. Protecting the cultural values and heritage, promoting diversity;
5. Mutual understanding, accessibility, peace, and security;  
Importantly, we commit to maximizing the positive benefits received by local communities as a result of our presence, while minimizing any negative impacts. 

STC aims for a sustainable recycling society by adopting care towards the precious natural environment and taking maximum consideration towards the protection of the global environment as its basic principles for the sincere promotion of tourism-related corporate activities.

Our objective:

We aim to create the best possible eco-tour embodying your personal choices and tastes, whether you want to relax in one of Socotra’s wonderful beaches, and remote and intimate resorts, take in the highlights of the island, or go on a real adventure.

We run several scheduled, small, and big group tours each year, including specialist bird-watching and wildlife tours. We arrange tours for private groups, too. We specialize in individual, inclusive, customized itineraries, offer the widest range of destinations on Socotra, and can advise which are suitable for your party and dates of travel.

We aim to provide the holiday package you want at the best price we can at your convenience. With consistent growth and a healthy strategy to provide highly competitive quality travel services, to create an incredible holiday experience for satisfied clients that return again and again.

Our Team

We have been growing from the day we started! Nowadays, we are a big family of highly qualified professionals. Our staffs are well educated tour professionals, with unusually extensive experience of the country we promote. You will find them invaluable for their knowledge, for the opportunities they provide to help you to learn about modern and historical of Socotra. Our friendly guides and drivers love to share their knowledge of Socotra Island with its fellow adventures and travelers. They take most of the hassle out of traveling in an undeveloped country; and many people have written to say how much they enjoyed their company.
Socotra Island is a poor country with limited infrastructure and new to international tourism. Event with the best organization, things some times goes wrong. Our staff and guides are distinguished by their meticulous planning and by their ability and willingness to make whatever arrangement are necessary to ensure you have an enjoyable holiday.

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Ala Al-Hajj

Founder and CEO

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.

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Mikaeel Hestermann

Senior Adviser
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Beatrice De Filippis

Marketing Adviser
Beatrice relies on a solid international background having worked and lived in the US, Middle East, Europe and Africa. It is Yemen the country she calls ‘home’. Writer, traveler, translator, photographer, she has focused her interests on tourism with a caring eye toward local communities,  following inter-cultural exchange programs and special projects that empower youths and women.
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Quentin Müller

French Adviser

Quentin Müller is a french reporter covering mainly the Arabian Peninsula and works more particularly on Yemen, Oman and Iraq. He is also the co-author of the book “Tarjuman, a French betrayal” (Bayard, 2019), the comic book Afghan Translators (La Boîte à Bulles, 2020) and more recently “The Oil Man’s Slaves” (Marchialy, 2022).

phone number : +33 6 58 77 72 28

Why Book with Us

Are you looking for a perfect tour operator to witness the abundant natural beauty, windblown deserts, outstanding mountains and pristine coastline of Socotra? If you want to get great deals and reasonable tour packages for your vacation to Socotra island, then Socotra Travel Center can be an obvious choice for you.

As a reliable travel company, we have been offering wide arrays of tours into the heart of Socotra to explore the essence of this island. We have skillful and friendly local tour experts who strive to offer you the most innovative, enjoyable as well as exciting travel experiences during your holiday vacation in the Island of Socotra. Many tourists choose us to be their Socotra tour operators because of our excellency and exceptional service.

Award winning company

PROFESSIONALS WHO KNOW SOCOTRA INSIDE AND OUT. More than 20 Years of Experience and received awards of excellence from travelers

Local Experts

We're 100% local company. When you book with us, you get the best possible price, which is middle-man-free. Real-time Socotra tours availability

Trusted Payments

Book via our secure payment platform. And enjoy our flexible payment options.

No Hidden Costs or Extra Service Charges

The price we quotes is the price that our clients pay. We never have and never will install hidden charges into the cost of our trips and go to great lengths to assure that customers are made fully aware of the services that we provide.

100% Customization

Tell us about your trip requirement. We will work together to customize your trip to meet your interest so that you have a memorable trip.

Safe & Responsible

We're committed to ensuring our trips remain safe for everyone — for our travelers, our leaders and crew, and the people we visit along the way.

Because we care

The Socotra Islands is one of the most pristine and unique natural wonders in the world, a very delicate ecosystem that needs to be preserved for future generations. We have supported Socotra's conservation efforts and keep-on doing so.

Flexible bookings

We understand that plans change. That’s why, when you book with us, you have the flexibility to change your travels and re-book when it suits you.

Guaranteed departures

Your trip is guaranteed to depart as soon as one full paying traveller is booked. That means if you book, you're going!


Our team is made up of experienced eco tourism and outdoor education professionals. Drawing from their backgrounds in conservation, education, outdoor safety and security our guides love putting their minds together to create unique outdoor adventures for our guests.

Adventure for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for Socotra has something for everyone. The word “adventure” is often associated with high adrenaline activities. However, we also value cultural encounters as another kind of adventure, which everyone can enjoy regardless of their age and fitness level.

Local Experts

We are as local as you can get! We believe that on our tours, guests will go beyond what has been written about Socotra in any travel guidebook. Our itineraries are all unique to STC and are the product of our own passion for our homeland.

Our Services

Socotra Travel Center offers a wide range of services to match our client’s diverse interests. Whether interested in fishing, diving, mountain biking or peack climbing, sightseeing or  trekking or birdwatching; our organization wants our customers to experience all of the wonder and excitement that the Socotra Islands has to offer. There are plenty of options to choose the best for you:

Full Range of Services

Full Range of Services

In addition to our regular tours services, STC offers a complete out fitting of camping equipment and cooking gears for adventures with times in there hands to explore the beauty of the island of Socotra.

VIP Services

VIP Services

Our professional team provides the best in VIP services for corporate executives, diplomats, politicians and celebrities.
Our team handles each request with the poise and discretion you deserve. We can arrange everything from private jet refueling to special onboard dining requests.

Tailor-made Services

Tailor-made Services

Don't leave the planning of your special Socotra trip and group travel to a general travel agent. We will find the best places and the best prices for all of your travel needs. Experienced local trip advisors will find out all the best options to meet your requirements throughout Socotra and the entire Yemen. We will organize as much or as little of the details as you want.

Happy Travellers