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Breaking News: Yemenia Airways Launches Official Flights Connecting Southern Yemen and Socotra

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It’s official! Yemenia Airways, the national carrier of Yemen, proudly inaugurated its latest flight route today, marking a significant milestone in the country’s air travel landscape. The debut flight from Aden to Socotra to Al-Ghaydah and back to Aden was a momentous occasion, showcasing Yemenia’s commitment to enhancing connectivity within the nation.

The inauguration ceremony, held at Socotra Airport, was a testament to the airline’s dedication to providing convenient and efficient travel options for passengers between Southern Yemen and Socotra.

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The inaugural flight, departing directly from Aden and making stops in Socotra and Al-Ghaydah, promises travelers a unique and convenient way to explore the diverse beauty of Yemen. The ceremony at Socotra International Airport was marked by enthusiasm and optimism, with the Governor of Socotra Archipelago, Eng. Rafat Al-Thaqali, expressing his joy at the airline’s presence in the region.

The additional route, Aden-Socotra-Al-Ghaydah-Aden, was introduced to meet the growing demand for efficient travel options. Governor Al-Thaqali acknowledged the concerted efforts of Captain Nasser Mahmoud and the entire Yemenia team in Socotra, emphasizing that the new routes would not only enhance the company’s performance but also cater to the needs of the province’s residents and tourists, facilitating their travel.

In the photo our CEO and Founder Mr. Ala Al-hajj, and pilots,  captain Omar Bafadal and his assistant, who smoothly flew the skies connecting mainland Yemen to the island of Socotra.
In the photo our CEO and Founder Mr. Ala Al-hajj, and pilots, captain Omar Bafadal and his assistant, who smoothly flew the skies connecting mainland Yemen to the island of Socotra.

The event was graced by the presence of honored guests, including the Founder & CEO of Socotra Travel Center, Ala Al-Hajj, who joined the flight to inspect the final details of this exciting new route.

We extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Mohsen Haidara, Deputy Director General for Commercial Affairs, and Tamim Abdullah Ali Qasim, Director of Al Ghaydah Region, for their tremendous efforts in alleviating the difficulties to open this new line.

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Commencing from today December 7, 2023, and continuing throughout the winter season Yemenia Airways will operate flights between Aden, Socotra, and Al-Ghaydah every Thursday. This strategic move aims to facilitate travel for residents and visitors, fostering economic and cultural exchanges between these vibrant destinations.

The weekly service, operated with Airbus A320 aircraft, takes off from Aden Airport at 08:00 am, reaching Socotra at 09:30 am. Return flights depart from Socotra Airport at 11:30 am to Al-Ghaydah Airport, with an arrival time of 12:45 pm. The journey then continues to Aden, departing at 13:30 and arriving at Aden Airport at 15:00.

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Yemenia Airways aims to make travel seamless and enjoyable, offering passengers a comfortable and reliable option for exploring the beauty of Southern Yemen and Socotra. The introduction of this new route series signifies a commitment to expanding services and meeting the diverse needs of travelers.

Socotra, known for its breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches, is set to become more accessible. The airline’s commitment to expanding its services aligns with a vision to alleviate travel challenges, particularly for tourists, making their journeys more comfortable and convenient.

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As we embark on this journey together, Yemenia Airways invites you to experience the convenience and excitement of flying between Southern Yemen and Socotra. Book your tickets now and be part of this historic venture that promises unparalleled travel experiences, connecting hearts and cultures in the spirit of exploration.

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