Find all the answers for your Socotra travel inquiries

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Getting to Socotra

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Socotra Travel:

Q: When is the best time to travel to the Socotra?

A: Since the climate is nice most of year round, there is no “best” or “better” time to visit the Socotra. Depending on your typical type of interest,…. however, you might take other factors, such as high season, low season, and other things into account. Take a look at our “When to go” page to give you a better idea of the best time for you to travel.

Q: Where do I have to go first to get to the Socotra?

A: You have to fly to mainland first, either to Cairo (Egypt) or Abu Dhabi (UAE), and from there you will fly to Socotra.

Q: Which city is better to stay for a few more days: Cairo or Abu Dhabi?

A: Both cities have tourist attractions that can be visited before or after the tour. However, Abu Dhabi is more of a passing or business city where you can visit many attractions. While in the city of Cairo you can visit more places like.

Q: How many days do you recommend I stay in Egypt or UAE?

A: The number of days depends on the time you have to make your trip. In the event that you want to visit an attraction in Abu Dhabi or Cairo, it is recommended at least one day before or after your trip to the Socotra Islands.

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How to go to the Socotra?

Q: How long is the flight takes to the Socotra?

A: It depends from where you depart from. Flights to the Socotra leave from both Cairo and Abu Dhabi. If you travel from Cairo there will be a short layover in Aden, which is normally about 2-3 hours and you do not have to exit the airport. It takes 3 hours to fly from Cairo to Aden and roughly 3 and 30 minutes from Aden to the Islands with 30 minutes stopover in Mukalla airport.

Q:Are there luggage restrictions on airplanes?

A: One checked suitcase (44 lbs/ 20kg) and one carry-on bag are allowed. Thank goodness bathing suits and shorts don’t weigh that much!

Q:Why does the flight from Cairo make a stop in Aden?

A: The flight will make a stop in Aden to pick up passengers.

Q: Can I take an immediate international flight once I return to Abu Dhabi or Cairo from Socotra?

A: It is recommended to take the international flight back home, 24 hours after you return to Abu Dhabi or Cairo. We recommend this option due to possible flight delays. However, if you prefer to travel back the same day, it is possible

Q: Which airline is the most used for flights to the Socotra?

A: Most of the operators in Socotra prefer to book the flights with Air Arabia (From Abu Dhabi), however there are other airlines like Yemenia that offer flights to the islands.

Q: Which airline do you recommend for my international flight to Abu Dhabi or Cairo?

A: It depends on where you are flying from, we recommend you check with your travel agency to learn more about international flights to Abu Dhabi or Cairo.

Q: Can my flight route be changed before my second payment?

A: Yes, it is possible to change your flight route before you send the final payment

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Precautions and What to bring:

Q: Do you offer travel insurance?

A: We don’t offer trip insurance, but we highly recommend purchasing it before your trip.

Q: What travel insurance do you recommend?

A: We recommend reviewing the best travel insurance options with your local travel agency.

Q: Are there any immunizations required / recommended?

A: For the Socotra Islands there are no required or recommended immunizations. However, if you intend to spend more time in Yemen, specifically in the north, immunizations are recommended. As this does change from time to time, please check with your local health care provider (or the Institute for Tropical Diseases) for more specific information.

Q: What do you recommend for motion sickness, can I buy medication in Socotra?

A: We suggest you check with your doctor before taking any motion-sickness medication. It is possible to buy this medication in Socotra or purchase the medication recommended by your doctor in your home country.

Q: What should we bring?

A: Since the Socotra Islands are situated on the Yemen, we recommend that you bring lightweight clothing and of course, don’t forget your swimsuits, sunscreen, and good footwear for walking. Take a look at our packing list to get an idea of what else to bring.

Q: Can we bring our own alcoholic beverages with us?

A: On board the plane, passengers may take up to two liters of alcohol with alcohol contents between 24% and 70% per person, as checked luggage.

Q: Where can I go shopping?

A: You can buy souvenirs in the main towns of Hadibo at the beginning and end of your tour.

Q: Where can I buy a cell phone chip?

A:You can buy a cell phone chip at any phone center on Socotra or Abu Dhabi.

Q: Is there internet or phone signal on Socotra?

A: There is limited phone coverage in Socotra, but you can buy a SIM card that will work with the main towns. Once you start touring, cellphone reception will be very limited / nonexistent

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On the tour on the Socotra islands

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Tour Essentials:

Q: Is it possible to make phone calls to my home country?

A: You can call your family and friends from Hadibo, where you will have access to Internet facilities.

Q: Is there a dress code on board?

A: Please be aware that you will be visiting a predominantly Muslim country and it is always wise to dress with more modest clothing in public places in respect of their culture. No sleeveless shirts or shorts or other similar clothing (except on the beach where beachwear is allowed) Good and comfortable shoes are essential for sightseeing. The general rule is that you avoid wearing shorts to avoid offending the local people, whether in a town or a village

Q: Are single or triple room available?

A: Most of our tours will accommodate in double occupancy whether in hotel or tent to all travelers, unless you want to pay a single supplement if you are traveling alone. Triple rooms can also be arranged on request, depending on availability and the hotel you choose.

Q: Is there internet or WiFi onboard?

A: It’s possible to have internet access in the hotels located in the main town of Hadibo on Socotra Island. However, connections are often slow and it will not be possible to use WiFi while on the daily tours. Regarding tours, most destinations are too far from the main towns to receive efficient signals for internet use. However, close to the inhabited towns you may have better signal. It is important to know that just some places offer internet service with a slow connection, and some will charge a fee for this service.

Q: What type of outlets are there onboard?

A: In most hotels there is 220v on the social areas, we recommend to bring your own adapter if needed.

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Q: Will we have to exchange money before we travel to Socotra?

A: Not if you have US dollars. the US dollar as its efficient currency. Just make sure you bring cash bills above 1996 in good condition with you; if they have tears in them, they are likely to be refused.

Q: How much money should I bring?

A: It depends on the length of your tour, please note that you need enough cash for the Socotra to buy soft drinks, souvenirs, tips, and in some places you will have to rent diving and/or snorkeling gears.

Q: What are the tipping standards in Yemen and Socotra Islands?

A: There is no established amount for tipping. However, based on our clients’ experience, and if you think that the service has been excellent, we recommend for Yemen Continental tours, US$20 to US$30 per traveler, per day. In Socotra the average is US$15 – US$20 per day, per guest for budget / mid-range trips, and US$20 – US$50 per day, per guest for first class / luxury tours (the crew will divide it equally among them), plus any amount you leave to the guide.

Q: What currency do you use in Yemen and how can we exchange our money?

A: The official currency of Yemen is the Riyals, one US dollar equal to about 1200 Riyals. If you are coming from the United States you do not need to exchange your money. People coming from other countries are able to exchange money at the international airports in Cairo or Abu Dhabi, located in banks and exchange areas.

Q: Can we get money from ATMs on Socotra?

A: You can find a few ATMs; we recommend that you bring enough cash with you, before you arrive in the Islands, for your personal expenses.

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Tour Add-Ons:

Q: Can I extend my stay before and/or after my tour?

A: We highly recommend you do so! Have a look at our entire Trip Extension section where you can find out how to get to know mainland Yemen and its major cities.

Q: What hotel-based tours are available in Socotra?

A: Please check our section for Socotra Hotel Based Tours.

Q: I’m interested about hotel-based programs in Socotra. How do these tours work?

A: Please check our section for Socotra Hotel-based Tours


Company Services:

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Planning my Trip:

Q: How can I tell you about my food restrictions and special requirements?

A: Once you book your trip, a trip advisor will contact you and ask you about allergies, food restrictions, or any other important information.

Q: I can’t find the tour I like, what can I do?

A: Please let us know your interests and your travel dates and we can check for you or give you other options.

Q: Should I purchase my own travel insurance or is this included?

A: We do not include travel insurance in the rates because we do not offer our own travel insurance. We recommend our passengers to purchase this on their own. 

Q: Can I extend my stay in Socotra?

A: Of course, we recommend you book any extra service with us. We can coordinate everything for you, and also change the dates for your domestic flights after or before the tour.

Q: Can you arrange other tours for me before/after my Socotra tour?

A: Yes, we can help you book a trip extension in Yemen and/or UAE or Egypt; you can ask your trip advisor for a quote. Please use the following link to check some trip extensions.

Q: Can I fly from Cairo and return to Abu Dhabi or the other way around?

A: Yes, we can help you select and book any flight route you prefer.


Tour Payments:

Q: What is included in the price of the tour?

A: Included in the price is: Entry visa, onboard accommodation, three meals a day, purified drinking water, entry fees to protected areas, visits/ transfers / excursions to the Islands with an English speaking naturalist guide, our famous 24 hour client support service, and taxes.

Q: What is not included?

A: Not included in the price are the flight tickets to and from the Socotra Islands, alcoholic drinks on board, tips, and all other personal expenses.

Q: When do we have to pay?

A: When your reservation has been confirmed, you will be required to pay 30% of the total trip price as a deposit. The remainder should be paid 60 days before departure. In the case of last minute bookings, you are required to pay the total amount stated in your invoice to confirm your reservation. For more detailed information, click here.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We accept payments with Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, e-checks, or payments from your PayPal account. To hold your reservation, we need a deposit of 30% of the total tour price.

Q: Will you send me a reminder for the final payment?

A: Yes we will send you a reminder of the final payment to your email at least 5 days before the deadline.

Q: Can we send you our renewed passports later?

A: Yes, you can send your renewed passport once you have it.

Q: How do I receive my travel or confirmation documents?

A: The service voucher and confirmation letter will be sent via email.

Q: Who can help me if I need something during my trip?

A: You can get in contact with us through one of our emergency numbers detailed in the final voucher.

Q: When will I receive my service voucher?

A: You will receive your service voucher 72 hours after the final payment of your tour has been credited, as long as you have sent all the required information.

Q: When will I receive airline tickets confirmation numbers?

A: The service voucher will be sent via email once you have sent the total payment for your reservation. The flight tickets numbers will be sent in the service voucher document. Some flight operators will not send electronic air tickets because they will have reservation numbers for all tickets on the flights.

Q: Who will be my tour guide? Can you give me their name and phone number?

A: Your guide may change, this is why we do not give you their name or phone number in advance. Generally, your guide will be the same throughout the trip and you will meet them at the beginning of your tour.

Q: Where will the transfer person wait for me? Will they have a sign with my name?

A: A representative from our company will have a sign with either the tour leader or trip code number at the airport, since most of the time the transfers are a shared service. In the event that you confirmed a private service, the sign will have your name on it.

Q: How will I recognize the company representative when I get to the airport?

A: Please make sure to look for a sign with the name of the company, tour code, or your last name.

Q: What is the physical voucher for?

A: The physical voucher is not necessary; you can have an electronic copy of the voucher without having the physical document.

Q: Why do I need a contact number from the hotel?

A: In case there is a change to your itinerary, we need a phone number in order to contact you.

Q: Is it necessary to print the voucher and show it at the hotel or airport?

A: It is not necessary to print your voucher.

Q: Why do I have to send copies of passports to make payments?

A: A copy of the passport of the traveler must be sent in order to comply with the travel regulations apply for the visa and confirm that the purchased tour belongs to the client.


On-line Booking

Q: Does my credit card get charged right away?

A: Yes, however, once we receive your booking we double check the availability before charging your credit card. Once we confirm that we have spots, then we will charge your card, which could take up to 24 hours. After we get the spots and charge the payment, we will send you an email with all the details of your booking.

Q: Why am I paying more if I am traveling alone?

A: Most of the tours have made based in double occupancy, not single, but when you book online there is the option for a single. However, pricing is calculated per person, not per occupancy. So, when you book for just one person, you have to pay a single supplement. There is an option to share a room if you are willing, simply and ask about shared tours.

Q: Why am I paying more if there are 3 people traveling?

A: There are only a few tours with triple occupancy options. When looking online, this triple occupancy option is not available since it is not common. Please for more information about this option contact us.

Q: Do kids pay less?

A: Yes, kids have a special discount, but it depends on each tour. When booking, let us know the number of kids, under the age of 12, that you will be traveling with. Please note that if there is already a special promotion on a tour, a kids discount may not apply. 

Q: I cannot process my payment, what can I do?

A: Please contact one of our experts, or you can chat online with us for special assistance.

Q: Will I get written proof of my purchase?

A: Yes, once you have booked online and we have charged your credit card, one of our trip advisors will contact you, and he or she will send you all the documents that you need for your trip to the Socotra Islands.

Q: What are your cancellation policies?

A: Here you can read the details of our cancellation policies here.

Q: Once onboard, are there other expenses for me or is everything included?

A: Each tour has specific details on what is included and not included onboard. You can check this information in each tour details on our website using the name of the tour.

Q: Can I just pay a deposit now?

A: Yes, However, if you book online, you can make the first deposit of 30% of the total amount now, and the rest of the full balance (70%) 60 days before the tour departure. In some tours you have to pay the full amount all at once. Please contact one of our trip advisors if you prefer to only pay 30% of your total reservation right now.

Q: How to use our Booking system?

A: First, you will choose your travel dates, package, itinerary, and the number of people. Then you have to choose a extra services such as flights tickets and the accommodation type (Double beds or single supplement). The system will show you all your options, and you will choose your tour. After, you will fill out your personal information then enter your credit card information. You will receive the booking confirmation to your email after your payment. 

Q: What if I change my mind after the purchase?

A: Once we charge the payment to your credit card, the cancellation policies will apply. We recommend you contact us for any further questions. Our policies are found here.

Q: How do your advertised promotions work?

A: The promotions are applied automatically in our system.

Q: Can I add another traveler after I booked a tour with you?

A: Yes, if you want to add another traveler you can ask your trip advisor to double check availability, and they will help you.

Q: Why can’t I choose my Socotra flight dates and route?

A: You cannot choose your flight because we have to check the availability based on your preferences, travel dates, route, and tour itinerary.