The Socotra Islands, thanks to their location and formation, are home to some of the most incredible landscapes and also to unique and endemic wildlife that has migrated and evolved in this archipelago. The following map will give you a precise location of every visitor site in the Socotra. By clicking on the red spot next to the site’s name you will be lead to a brief description of the sightseeing.

Socotra island on World Map and Yemen Map

Where are Socotra Islands?

Socotra Geology and Geography
Socotra Islands Map

Socotra is located between the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula where the Indian Ocean meets the Arabian Sea. Politically speaking, it belongs to Yemen. But geographically speaking, it belongs to the African continent. Every island in Socotra archipelago has its own particularity, history, animal species, or natural volcanic formations that make them stand from each other.

In 2008 Socotra archipelago was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In order to visit Socotra, there are only two options.

If you look at the size of Socotra, you can hardly imagine that there are so many Socotra places to visit. From many historical monuments and picturesque villages to amazing landscapes, impressive volcanic caves, rugged coastlines, beautiful natural beaches, marine biodiversity, and last but not least – breathtaking views. There is much to see that you will soon realize that one visit to Socotra isn’t enough! You are welcome to the Socotra Islands multiple times.

To help you put together your itinerary of the places you should explore on your first visit to Socotra – or of all the sites you haven’t seen yet, you will find the following map most interesting and attractive places to visit:

socotra island map
Socotra Island Tourist Map


Below you will find a description and tips that highlights the most important feature of visiting Socotra islands, as well as links that will lead you to other visitor sites comprehended by the island.

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